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About Us

About Us

        Mahaton Disinfection is a high-tech hygiene technology company incubated in IDEA Venture, Northeastern University of Boston, USA. In line with the concept of "science and technology change life", Mahaton utilizes its unique deep ultraviolet UV LED disinfection technology to provide a green, mercury-free, harmless and chemical residues-free sterilization solution, focusing on bacteriological control in infant, life, kitchen and bathroom environment. The products have been certified by China CDC, Guangzhou Microbial Quarantine Center, SGS and other international certification bodies. For millions of families pursuing cleanliness and high quality health life, bring a safer living environment, keeping children away from pollution, making kitchens and bathrooms truly clean, and making every touch sterile and worry-free. To provide intelligent and efficient integrated solutions for microbial management in family life.

Our Philosophy:

     We are committed to providing global users with systematic, high-quality solutions and products for microbial governance and prevention (killing and warding off harmful bacteria).

     As consumption upgrades, we are committed to bringing a safer living environment to people seeking delicate life and family health so as to keep your children from pollution, keep your kitchen truly clean, and free you from pathogen-related worries for each intimate contact. We try to create an environment where the interaction between people and between man and nature is more reassuring and more trustful.

     The company was registered in Wuqing, Tianjin City in 2017.

      It is now the proud owner of six utility model patents.

     We have intensive cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, China Association for Consumer Products Quality and Safety Promotion, and China National Hardware Association, etc. 

All talents are welcome!
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